The Sixth

I have many homes and this happens to be the secret of all secrets – I’m blogging in secret again. My not other secret blog is not so secret anymore and you know what? I kind of care that what I’ve been wanting to keep a secret is unleashed into the world of my gossipmonger people.

I hate today so much I even considered reviving my LiveJournal, which seems to be the most logical thing but then WordPress is such a funky platform in regards to customization. There’s not much effort to exert.

My right hand aches from all the typing I did today and guess what I ended up doing? Yep, typing again. I guess typing is my hands’ way of doing something productive rather than lighting another cigarette (which I’m doing right now) and smoking my way to lung cancer. I don’t even care anymore.

My head hurts. I am so exhausted because it was a long day at work today. Also, I had to bring home a couple of other stuff from work because I am dedicated (not really).  I’m also very stressed because my boss was mad at me for a moment earlier because apparently I am not a very effective leader. Yes, I am not. In all honesty I think I’m a sheep. I am very positive I’m a sheep. I am wired to follow instructions and do whatever it is my dominant whoever (may it be a boss, a lover or my parents ugh) wants me to do. Baaaah baaah black sheep.

I intended to spend the rest of my waking hours on my couch with the television on. Then at 9 I’ll take a cold shower and head off to Tuti Flutie (brownie points if you get it) land. I am so obsessed with contemporary YA lately because that’s where I find feelings I rarely feel lately. More of this as the story develops.

Anyway, I’m going to watch witty werewolves and mourn the 2 and a half hours I lost making a Power Point Presentation.


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