The Seventh

It was an okay day. I don’t know exactly why I feel troubled or doubtful with what’s been happening on this side of the world.

Weird thing 1: My horoscope for today said “It’s a day for romance… don’t waste time blah blah blah.” I will tell you this now I am single and sometimes looking but today definitely wasn’t the day for romance OR the day for looking. I was still hungover from my boss’ voicing out my ineptitude yesterday so I wasn’t in the mood to go on a scavenger hunt for my next victim so I put on a cute outfit instead. Yes, my world works that way.

Weird thing 2: Work went pretty so-so. Nope, the kraken wasn’t released on me yet. Another day perhaps? My boss wasn’t even the least bit mad. She was on the edge, true, but she didn’t fire me or asked me to jump off the office roof. She even asked me to go home early, which I totally did because why the hell not? My right hand is still painful and I can see carpal tunnel syndrome coming. Not that I care…

Weird thing 3: I got a raise. It wasn’t huge but it’s STILL a raise. And it was on paper. That I signed before I left the office. And is effective two weeks from now. Can I get an amen up in here?

Weird thing 4: I might be going to bed early tonight. It almost never happens because the moment I lie on my bed I open up a book to distract my raging mind from thinking about things (i.e. the latest Catfish episode) but tonight could be different.  My bed is calling and I shouldn’t ignore it, right?

Now I have the audacity to say that maybe, just maybe, the universe is on my side after all. I don’t want to jinx it though so forget I mentioned it. But I’m still waiting for the aftermath. It always comes and I definitely wouldn’t be too cocky about my one-day luck.


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