The Tenth

So today is an emotionfest I can’t even.

Bad news: I learned that my uncle is cheating on my aunt with a much younger woman who is also married. Apparently he also built her a mansion at the suburbs. My uncle is one of the few father figures I look up to until now. I mean, how could he do that to his family? His wife, my aunt, is working hard to support the family and send my cousins to a good school while he is spending their tuition on some gold digging slut just because she probably blows him (sorry I’m not sorry) day in and day out.

I know he has his reasons and obviously I already judged him without hearing his side of the story but really what’s there to hear? This is the kind of clusterfuck I am terrified of and is also the reason why I will not marry. I know that at one point the guy I’m hypothetical seeing will stray and it will be (I WILL BE) a fucking mess. I don’t want to be the other half of a toxic relationship who’s only staying for the sake of a bond I made when I was The One and ONLY one. I want to have the freedom to leave and get on with my life when I know I’m not enough. I want to be able to mend on my own and revenge fuck the first guy who hits on me at a sad bastard club.

Good news: I finally saw Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters today. The movie is good, not a lot happened but it was great to see Percy and the gang on screen after so long. I also left the house which is really the reason behind this part being a good news. I feel like the only thing I get to being outside my work-home system is watching television which is depressing. I needed contact with another human being and good thing I have one of my best buds on the rescue to get me out of that stupid cycle! I AM WAS SO FULL OF LIFE UNTIL…

Good/Bad news: A very confused guy I’ve been talking to for about a year tells me this: “I’m glad I talked to you back then. You’re very special to me.” REALLY? I’m very special to you?


I don’t want to overthink so I’m just going to watch The Conjuring because I like to torture myself when I am confused


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