The Thirteenth

It has happened: I finally skipped a day.

I wish I had a better reason but I don’t. I didn’t want to release my rage, is why. I am feeling a little sad from being led on by a guy but I’ll cope. I know I will. I just have to promise myself on this monumental day that I shouldn’t give in to anyone easily.

Well in all honesty, I gave the guy a hard time. Maybe he was in for the chase. Maybe he was keeping me afloat in case he needed someone to flirt with. (I am not even a good flirt.) Maybe he just screws with people for fun? I don’t know but I thought he fought a good fight so I let my guard down. A colossal mistake, I admit. I shouldn’t really trust my feelings.

It’s a great back story to my impending drunken doom. Come Friday I will trade feelings of betrayal and regret for something some people might think is shallow: a night of booze, friends, and good music. I plan to dispose my phone somewhere safe. I don’t intend to send drunk messages to this guy because that would defeat the point of my back story.

Here’s to stressful work week ahead and  to the guy who made a slow disaster out of me.


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