The Fifteenth

Isn’t the word “fifteenth” weird? When you say it, it sounds okay but when you try to write it, it seems odd. Anyway, I’m still probably woozy from working from home three days in a row. How’s that for a staycation? Well, I wouldn’t know because it is not a vacation at all. I have downloaded all these cool television shows and movies but I have no time to spare. All day today I was busy typing things on my trusty laptop. I saw glimpses of time turning from good morning let’s do this to what it’s already midday to fuck me I’m tired.

One day more and it’s the weekend. Oh god, I am so tempted to down a shot of tequila I keep just in case, but the only thing stopping me from doing that is because I am going on a drunk train to drunken hell around this time tomorrow. I need a drink so much because this work week got me SO dry and close to dehydration thanks to the heavy workload on my email. Actually I got a new batch on my email but let’s pretend I didn’t see the notification. Let’s leave it there until 8 tomorrow, alright?

Then on Saturday I will nurse a hangover like a lady. God I wish the weekend never ends.


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