Where Was I?

Where was I and how did I end up here? I seriously don’t know. The last time I checked I was gunning for a boy who doesn’t even know I exist. Now what lies in front of me is a crossroad tightly hugged by the mist and probably a pinch of dark magic.

Today while reading random people’s ask.fm accounts I learned that I should not be lazy and that I should make things happen. An anonymous dweller asked, “Who has the time?” Forgive me but the question should be, “Who has the courage to make things happen?

Lesson number two is an advice: avoiding someone you love to forget. The answer was a simple and striking If he doesn’t love you back, you don’t owe him an explanation. Does he love me? Did he use to? Was he even real?

Should I make things happen or should I avoid the current boy plaguing my head with sweet nothings and marriage plots? What was the point of this entry? To say hi, of course. And to tell you I’m still troubled. Boy troubled.


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