Apologies and Explanations

Remember when I used to write everyday? I lol when that comes to mind, but no matter, my dears. Let’s just say I am sort of back sans the promise of posting daily.

Um so I am sorry for being that person: the kind who gets terrified and then leaves. I do not know how to explain this but I have noticed that whenever I blog about my love (pre-romantic disaster) life, something bad happens. I might just be superstitious or crazy, who knows? So since batshit crazy things start to happen I became frightened of sharing.

Why am I writing about it now? Well if you must know, the boy I have been seeing in the past few months and I are not okay. I need to write about my feelings, that’s all. I guess I do not care anymore if things start falling apart. Anyway, I’m straying from the topic: I did not write because I cowered; I thought we had something that actually lasts longer than three months.

So I guess it is time to face the ridiculous and continue writing whether it is the reason of my failed relationships. I cannot be scared anymore. I’m a grown woman, I have a pair of ovaries.


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