Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

A time when I felt really out of place was in high school. I never belonged – not to a single person, not to a group of friends, not to a person.

I was often seen roaming the grounds alone because I never made friends in high school. Sure, there were times I hung out with five skinny girls who talked about boys and fashion but that wore me out. I was not interested in either boys or fashion. I am an introverted fat kid, have you met me?

Back then I liked performance art (I still do) and music and anime. I am partial to staying in on a Friday night instead of going to parties. It made me uneasy that my bullies were breathing the same air as I did. The thing is: I haven’t found my people yet.

And I happy to announce that yes, I have found them, and yes, it was worth the wait.

Written for The Daily Post.


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

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