The one who cares less always wins

If there’s one thing I know about you and me, it’s this. You kept yourself in a safe distance so you wouldn’t have something to own or to lose. That’s you. So disconnected. Twenty steps ahead of everyone.

I tried, believe me, I did. I did not want it to end like this but it seems to me that you are pretty convinced I am no good and I will never be. This is going to hurt, it already has, but I am left with nothing but acceptance.

For months I have put restraints. I did not want to write about you because you’re precious. You cared. You were so good to me. God damn it, what happened?

Now you only call me whenever you want to and I? I give up everything. I lost my job. My friends. My well being. If I see your name on my screen, I will put everything on hold because you, god damn, you give me life.

You hurt me.


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