They All Probably Hate Me

I recently received a message from one famous blogger in my niche (our niche?). I don’t know if the person means well or just really hates me or just hates my guts. This person and a few other famous bloggers hang out on and offline a lot and I don’t know if it’s just the social anxiety talking but I feel like they all hate me?

It took me several hours before I can publicly post my reaction to her message because I didn’t want to sound offended. I will not give them the satisfaction of knowing I squirmed and maybe a little hurt.

I think it’s probably my writing style? I don’t know. I’m not the best writer in the world and I admit that there are people better and it’s sad that I’m losing interest in the one thing I have been enjoying lately.

Whatever it is, I hope they’re happy.

I should be giving myself a pep talk but I won’t because that’s just pathetic.